Staff Member: Fr. John Schmidt, C.Ss.R.

Fr. John Schmidt, C.Ss.R.

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Dear Parishioners:
I’m Fr. John Schmidt and am glad to be your pastor at St. Alphonsus.
Since the weather turned cold people have asked me if I’m adjusting to Minnesota climate change. Through I’m new to Minnesota, I’ve lived in Wisconsin and Chicago during my formation years and into my first years after ordination. But it is a far cry from the warmer Bay Area where I grew up.
Originally, I’m from Oakland, CA and have two older brothers who live in the East Bay. My parents, Helen and Paul were born in the Bay Area. My grandparents on both side were immigrant to the US from Ireland and Hungary. My parents have gone to heaven but not without leaving me and my brothers with good example of Christian life. I’m the youngest in the family and my brothers still call me Johnny; as we grow older, we are also growing closer to each other.
The Redemptorist charism of abundant redemption was very attractive to me and I joined the community in 1985 when I professed my vows. After ordination I ministered in parishes, formation and provincial administration. Before coming to St. Al’s, I was director of the health care community in Liguori MO and have had the privilege to know Fr. Joe Stenger and Fr. Marty Stillmock.
In 1996 I had the opportunity to begin doctoral studies in practical theology focusing on liturgy. I have a great interest in the liturgy since it is the way we relate to Jesus’ saving through essential symbols of our faith. For me, this is expressed so powerfully and beautifully in a parish and I’m very happy to be here with you; a vibrant and diverse community. in 1999 I became pastor of St Michael and tried to balance ministry with study... It was a struggle. Thankfully I was able to push forward and complete the degree in 2004.
I like the outdoors (not in winter!) and like to bike. I enjoy cooking, and I like to bake (there are many in the parish who are good pie bakers. So I’m not calling for a competition but would like to get some tips from you).
For sports, I follow a little of the Oakland Raiders (they’re moving again); fond of the Cubs (after 23 years in Chicago) and glad to have seen the last few plays of the 2016 world series. Most of what I know about sports would be from my brothers... but their language is a little too rough to include here. So, since I’m living here... Go Vikings. (et al).

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