Liturgical Ministries

For more information or to sign up for any of these roles, contact: parishoffice@mystals.org.


Altar Servers: Altar Servers can be anyone who has received first communion. Altar Servers perform a very important role at the Mass and other liturgical functions by assisting the priest. The activities of the altar server include carrying lighted candles, holding books, setting the altar, and assisting the priest as needed. Training is offered at sessions throughout the year.


Art & Environment: This ministry is responsible for decorating the sanctuary and common areas of the church with the purpose of creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and reflects seasons and holidays of the church throughout the year. The purpose of the Arts & Environment ministry is to enhance our sacred spaces to help make liturgy a beautiful celebration for the Lord. Driven by our liturgical calendar, the space is changed with the appropriate colors and requirements that reflect the seasons and occasions celebrated yearly in the church. All are welcome to help in this ministry.

Church Cleaners: St. Alphonsus has two dedicated teams that clean on alternating weeks on Tuesday after the 8:30 am Mass. They vacuum all the aisles, the hallways, sanctuary, dust mop between every pew, and repair kneelers. Currently, we have 15 members, but we always need more people. You can come any Tuesday and there will be a job for you.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: The Eucharistic ministers assist the priest in distributing holy communion, the consecrated bread and wine. There is no set schedule for this ministry; we ask that each Eucharistic minister checks in at the Mass they are attending to see if and where needed. Initial training is provided during an annual meeting in the Fall or can be done as needed throughout the year.

Funeral Altar Servers: The people who volunteer as funeral altar servers participate and assist the priest during the funeral masses. After the bereaved family plans the funeral with the presiding priest, the Parish Office staff calls volunteers from a list of funeral servers and ask to serve, if available. This ministry requires special training for serving at funeral Masses.

Readers (English)Readers proclaim the Word of God to the congregation assembled for Mass and other liturgical services. Readers are trained once a year, usually in the fall. Once you are trained you are placed on a rotating schedule for weekend Masses and Masses for Holy Days of Obligation. You will read approximately every 2-3 weeks.

Sacristans: Sacristans work “behind the scenes” in the sacristy before and after each weekend Mass by preparing the vessels that are used for the Eucharistic celebration. Ministers either work in teams of two or individually and are on a rotating monthly schedule. There are currently 21 individuals in this ministry, and we welcome new members throughout the year. Completion of Virtus training is required; assistance in the process is available.

Sound Board:  The sound control booth near the main entrance to the church contains the sound board which is operated during all services by one person. The microphones in the church can be controlled for sound level to be at an adequate level for people to hear. Every speaker’s voice is modulated from the board. Training is required.

Ushers: Church ushers warmly greet and assist church attendees at church entrances. They help with taking up the mass collection, help facilitate approach to Holy Communion. They hand out church bulletins at the end of Mass and straighten up the church pews for the next Mass.