Staff Member: Fr. Bill Peterson C.Ss.R.

Staff Member: Fr. Bill Peterson C.Ss.R.

Fr. Bill Peterson C.Ss.R.

Phone: 763-503-3317
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I’m from a large family, having eight sisters and five brothers. I’m also a twin (fraternal, not identical). My dad was an electrician; my mom (as we say) was a saint. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, attended Redemptorist seminaries around the USA, was ordained in 1967, worked as a priest in the west, the mid-west, in North Mexico (for a year), and Nigeria (for 20 years). I just turned 78, so I’m no kid, but I still hope to make a genuine contribution to the parish in English, Spanish, and “Nigerian.” My interests are sports, the news, and reading. In case anyone is wondering, I’ll be open to becoming a Twins and Vikings fan, but give me some time to “distance” myself from the Mariners and Seahawks.

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